25 sheets (of paper) = 1 quire

20 quires = 1 ream1

A Ream is 500 sheets of paper,

typically of equal dimension.

In my adolescence and for some years beyond that, the stack of printer paper on the family computer desk was the most common and accessible source for paper on which to draw that I had.

Like many young people, I wished that I could draw better than what the images I had come up with seemed to indicate I could produce.

I wondered how much improvement I might observe in my skill level if I made it through the entire stack of printer paper in drawings.

I wonder still, although now that I am an adult, I feel like I may be able to do something to transform this open-ended question into a bonafide undertaking.


That is what I have decided to do here.

1 ream = 500 sheets of paper

500 drawings = My goal

More on that


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Printer paper is often sold by the ream.

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I will draw my heart out on every page of paper in a printer-paper ream. That's 500 pages to share and write about.


Chad Ewanic

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